I played Carole Delacourt on Showtime's Masters of Sex, the only female reporter at Masters and Johnson's press conference.

I'm so proud of my boyfriend in An American Ghost Story for following his dreams and moving us into a haunted house. (Wait, what?)

This is from The Congregation, a short film about Amish zombies starring Bruce Davison (whole new genre of horror, folks).

The doctor doesn't look very happy with me and I'm of absolutely no help at all here on The Young and the Restless.

Andre Braugher's Owen and Scott Bakula's Terry were a little peeved when I told them they'd have to wait for a table in this episode of Men of a Certain Age.

Die-ner (Get It?) is a darkly absurd indie zombie film that was a helluva lotta fun to shoot.

A clip from Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis. The world was coming to an end, & someone had to report on it...