I'm the co-host of the children's comedic/educational web series The Adventures of Mr. Clown, created by an Emmy Award-winning former co-executive producer of Everybody Loves Raymond. This reel contains clips from some of the episodes, including a few we did with Allison Janney, Camryn Manheim, and Ray Romano.

My twin sister Allison and I explain to Mr. Clown how we can be twins and not look exactly alike (though we accessorize so similarly that the resemblance is spooky).

Now Raymond and I aggravate Mr. Clown because we can't stop telling each other how great everything is.

Dom, Mr. Clown, and I spell the word Name.

Allison brings her exceedingly cute cat over for Mr. Clown to meet.

My sister Allison and my cousin Camryn stop by to help teach Mr. Clown the word Three.

My brother Raymond stops by and aggravates me like all good brothers do.

Dom and Lily stop by to help us spell the word Me.

Cousin Camryn and I make sure that Mr. Clown is getting the point.

Why is Camryn making all those strange gestures?